Corporate Social Responsibility


Health and Safety:

At Al Nimr Steel, we are keen on committing to all health and safety procedures in order to ensure safe health and a smooth well-being. In order to achieve all requirements we act in accordance with:-

  • •  Ensuring zero accidents during our work processes and identify health and safety risks an
        impacts and build in Continual Improvement Mechanism.

  • •  Encourage and expecting every employee to be responsible and to safely conduct work
        practices in accordance with policies and procedures.

  • •  Providing ongoing education and training for employees to be prepared to deal with
        day-to-day responsibilities, with respect to Safety and Health.

  • •  Incorporating Environmental Responsibility into all Business Operations by Planning
        Environmental Protection, Reviewing and Developing Policy, by setting Targets and
        Reviewing and Auditing Performance.

  • •  Meet and comply with all applicable Federal Local Laws/Legislation that will have direct
        influence on its process or products or services.

  • •  Ensuring that all activities are conducted with full concern for safeguarding the physical
        environment and well-being of all employees.

  • •  Creating Awareness on Road Safety such as securing seat belt, defensive driving,
        compliance with traffic rules and regulations and also for commuting for the employees
       and their families

ISO 14001

The Environment:

Al Nimr Steel is a firm believer that sustaining Mother Earth refers to sustaining oneself and well-being.

“What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Therefore, in Al Nimr Steel, recycling and reusing is a major aspect included in the day-to-day work load.

We also comply with Environmental Legalities and other requirements at Al Nimr Steel.

Go Green

Go Green Initiatives:

Al Nimr Steel impose to minimize and lessen the environmental impact of its operational activities in the business process. As sustainable practice, we implement a policy to impose our employees to think twice before printing emails and any attachments. It can save lots of papers and energy which helps the environment through reducing paper waste and energy consumption. Printing less saves more trees.

Go Green

Breast Cancer Awareness

The month of October is globally known to be the Breast Cancer Awareness month. 1 in 8 women are diagnosed with Breast Cancer, this is why it is important to be aware and get tested periodically. In support to this global campaign in fight against Breast Cancer, Al Nimr Steel supported by wearing pink ribbon, pink office attire as well as giving lecture and message about Breast Cancer awareness.